Brick Appeal

DSCN0017DSCN6315DSCN0532DSCN6288Where I grew up, there were no brick buildings. It was a desert town, and if you believed in Santa Claus he might show up in a dune buggy, rather than a sleigh. There was not a shortage of palm trees or cactus and I don’t think there were any fireplaces. Maybe a few in some of the older homes. The sun usually shown brightly on Christmas morning. I think it was a very long time before I experienced snow. It’s so  interesting to think about how each of us was raised and how we adapted to that environment.


9 thoughts on “Brick Appeal

  1. So interesting. You see I have lots of palm trees and Christmas morning is usually sunny. My mom and dad live by the ocean and when we come down the hill I see sunshine, and water that glistens in the sun. I’m grateful but always think…”what would it be like to have a white Christmas?”

    • Just to let you know, I was born in Palm Springs and lived in and around for almost most of my life. the desert has it’s beauty and has enriched my life as a desert dweller. I am a California girl/woman at heart. At my age I am thankful to experience change as I creep up in!

  2. Nice looking brick buildings. Love your header. When we moved from the mountains to the beach, I had a hard time getting into the spirit of Christmas where it was warm. I was used to snow.

  3. Love old architecture, brick and painted murals! Having lived in the Midwest my entire life, I cannot begin to fathom the Christmas holidays with no snow, caps, scarves and mittens. Palm trees? Warm, sunny days? Unheard of!


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