Sweaters in Waiting


I consider going to  a fabric store to be on my top ten to do list. I love how  the warmth of  the different kinds of fabric, the yarn and all of the notions call out to me. It all kind of gets my creative juices flowing to want to tap in to different creative endeavors. In my quiet time I have been thinking a lot about our first years experience here in Oregon. I appreciate the vastness of the forest, the many bodies of water, the green fields, the rustic barns and the animals. There are areas that I need divine intervention and it’s in God’s presence that I find what I need.. His direction, His comfort, His wisdom and much more. The word reluctant came to me this morning. In my years I have been reluctant to do a lot of things. Mainly out of fear of failure. So it was like, why even bother trying. So from this Hen, don’t be reluctant. Don’t let the years of your youth and life in general slip away as you sit on the fence. Hop off! I wrote a short poem on this a few years ago and will have to locate it. Don’t wait, don’t hesitate, just do it…And make that sweater…lol! The store I visited is called the Stitchin’ Post  in Sisters, Oregon. I will share some tales about this fantastic place in another post…

21 thoughts on “Sweaters in Waiting

  1. Good morning, Roberta. Great advice, just what I need now. I have a couple of projects that I keep putting them off because I wasn’t sure I could do a good job at this moment. You wake me up! Thank you! Helen

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  2. I feel the same way as you when I’m in a fabric/yarn/art supply store. I love the endless possibility of wondrous creations that is limited only by our imagination. Like you, I am trying to not let the fear of failure get the best of me and is doing my best to find the courage and strength to get off the fence. As I get older, I’m finding the fence isn’t a very comfortable place to sit. 🙂

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  3. Your post is quite timely as I am trying to reacquaint myself with the contact sport of crochet(!!) after a 38 year absence. I learned when I was pregnant with my son and have been wanting to give it another go.

    So. With a skein of black yarn, the bag I crocheted many, many years ago to hold my hooks and four new books on the topic, I’m back at it.

    Over the weekend I was somewhat successful at creating a slip knot, a chain stitch, a slip stitch and a single crochet. Alas, black was not the best ‘color’ to start out with so a trip to the fabric store is in order for a better color to practice with. Any suggestions?!?!

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    1. I have a skein of yarn waiting for me and it will be a square hotpad maybe..lol! You might want to visit Melanie. I l like a certain yarn that is varigated (misspelled) It is used to washing dishes and hot pads. Its nice and I found it at Walmart or I think Michaels or Jo Anns has it too. She suggested that I check out youtube videos on crochet. Her blog on crochet is..


  4. Hey Roberta … I wonder if you wrote this post for me. I am and always have been so afraid of failure, so much so that it does stop me doing many things. I must stop my fence sitting and get cracking! Bless you … By the way, I love love your photos, those colours are so rich and warm. Good luck with the knitting, I can’t remember when I heard the click clack of those needles 🙂

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    1. No way are you a scardy cat… Look at all that you accomplish… You are an amazing young woman..So don’t believe a word you say…Lol! I am teasing you. But it’s true with all of your hard work and effort to maintain your garden and more. I think many of us have our areas of strength and then uncertainty and fears.. Yes, we must declare that we are off the fence this year… (:


  5. Going to the fabric store is dangerous, but oh so fun. I agree. I crochet, and never really tackled knitting. Which do you do or both? I’m working on two sweaters right now for a gal that is expecting twin girls in March. I’m almost done and will be ready to mail soon. I have a fabric stock of things I was going to make that I visualized at the fabric store, but little by little, I will manage to use them up. Love how you title it Sweaters In Waiting, great title..:)

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    1. Oh my, you are industrious… No, I can only do a chain stitch but I am wanting to expand my crocheting horizons this year.. I have only made a few little squares.. But I love fabric stores and everything in them…lol!

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  6. I’ve been searching the craft stores the last couple of days. Today I found myself surrounded by all those pretty yarns. There’s something comforting about that aisle. Maybe it’s my security blanket waiting to be made!

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