I had been feeling off kilter, as though I was losing my balance. Unorganized, too much coffee, too much time on the computer, no exercise, hadn’t  read a book in ages…. Last weeks message at church was on, what has become priority in your life…and I already knew. I had become a couch chair potato long enough. I decided to check out  the local gym…ugh.. I am not a fan of gyms. I put that aside and found out what they had to offer women. I realized that I needed  Balance. I don’t juggle several things at onetime very well..


Each of us has to find what works well for us. What takes care of mind, body, soul and spirit. More water, less coffee, healthier choices. Less of some things and more of others..Balance..


21 thoughts on “Balance

  1. You know I’m loving this! My word this year…balance. The moment I pick the work, I get all rebellious and begin to not be balanced. I was probably more balanced when I wasn’t focused on my word for this year. I can relate to your words, what we know, we KNOW logically what we need but why do I keep not doing it? This was a great post. Thank you.

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    1. I know Tracie, so very easy to do what we shouldn’t. The struggle doing what we shouldn’t and then not doing what we should.. We just keep at it until it becomes natural.. (:


    1. That water is the Whitewater river near the desert..The rocks were stacked by some very patient individual, they were so interesting. There was more of what he or she did with little rocks that lined up the bigger rocks…


  2. I was just on the phone with my son who has made some changes that are helping his life to be more balanced and the things he mentioned were working out and eating food that is good for him. I’ve added exercise into my life and I’d like to add more but I also need to drink more water and make better food choices…
    I can relate to needing a tune-up after the holidays!


    1. I know a lot of us are on the same wavelength.. I forget to drink water all of the time. I went to my workout this morning without water and I won’t do it again. I had to run downstairs and run back up to not miss anything..


    1. I really have a great time with all of the challenges etc but for me it’s time consuming because it takes me a long time to locate a photo and so on..So, I will have to pick and choose and squeeze in reading some books this year. These photos were taken in California. It is called Whitewater river. Not too far from Palm Springs where I was born… Thank you Julie!

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