Texture Tuesday


I am participating in a year-long online course on Still Life,  that Kim Klassen is host to. It is taking me out of my comfort zone in some ways as I have to stop and think about what I am photographing. I tend to gravitate towards anything vintage, so there was a reason for me to hang onto old stuff that I have carried around for years. Kim suggests that we be the patient with ourselves and to work towards mastering calmness into our day. Well those are my words but it is what she is implying in Be Still 52. The link to Texture Tuesday is here.


dot com”>Kim Klassen dot com

18 thoughts on “Texture Tuesday

    1. I think you see what I saw in it too Helen… Thank you for sharing this with me..We are both on a journey my friend of discovery. I meant to get back to you on your short story of the Pearl necklace. It too spoke to me.. Beautiful! It reminded of a pearl necklace that my mother gave me years ago but needs to be restrung.. I will be sure to do that.. xo

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      1. You read my mind! I was thinking to restring the necklace my daughter gave me too! 😉 Even though it’s fake pearls… I can’t tell the difference anyway 😉 Haven’t figured out how to do it yet. Helen


      2. If we were to do it ourselves, we’d have to go to either Michael’s or JoAnn’s to get proper string. Do you have those stores in your area? Mine will need a clasp so I may have someone do it for me.. They also have string that stretches and you need no clasp.. ? We’ll figure it out..

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