texture tuesday

Texture Tuesday

FebruI came across five of these ornate little hand stitched squares. I found them at a thrift store, as I rummaged through the linen. I think they are fascinating.

DSCN3404I’d like to know the history behind them, who actually did the work, and how are they to be used. They are so pretty, I’d like to display them in some way.. I am linking to Kim Klassen’s Texture Tuesday.

24 thoughts on “Texture Tuesday

  1. I have a couple of pieces like this that my mother made in her “hand work” class in school. Can you imagine — hand work classes? I think they might be a good addition to the curriculum, actually.

    We used to make handkerchiefs with one corner embroidered like that. That’s how I learned how to make French knots. 🙂


  2. I have a couple of square doilies from my husband’s aunt. I would think they’re to be used like doilies like your other commenter said. Yours are exceptionally pretty with the embroidery. Quite a score.


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