Again I reblog Wild Hose Education. I have not even read the entire post as I know it is not for the faint hearted and right now I feel as though human beings are becoming more and more desensitized. If it isn’t abuse and murder of infants or children it’s people in the limelight seeing who can get away with less clothing, or television pushing the limits on perverseness and getting away with it. I do not like to think that my grandchildren are being exposed to such garbage.. from foul language to immoral decay. God help us.. God help the children and protect them, God help the animals.. their fate looks ugly and bleak for many. God help us a human beings, break our hearts for what breaks your heart. Expose darkness and help us to change our ways…

Wild Horse Education

Fish Creek "hostages" at Broken Arrow, aka Indian Lakes Fish Creek “hostages” at Broken Arrow, aka Indian Lakes

Editorial by Laura Leigh, President of Wild Horse Education (WHE)

I am just in from the last round of tracking wild horses and roundups. Ten weeks on the road and all the ups and downs of the emotions of what I witness on the range, to all that transpires in the political drama storm in which our wild ones are thrust through no doing of their own, all takes a toll. Trying to do a simple report on the tour of Broken Arrow (aka Indian Lakes), the Bureau of Land Management facility in Fallon Nevada is almost an impossibility for me right now. So I gave it up and instead am going to write simply from my heart. If you do not like that idea and want a dry, “nearly-3000-wild-horses-in-the-facility, and-where-they-came-from” report, simply don’t read this editorial.

After the 2009/2010 roundup…

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