Mystery Woman

DSCN6285While changing channels last night I caught the tail end of a documentary on this woman painted on the wall, in the town of Cottage Grove, Or. We had stopped there on our way home one rainy afternoon to get a glimpse of the town. I took the opportunity to take as many photos as I could, despite being challenged by raindrops. I was across the street from this building and did not get a really good look at it. I recall wondering who she was. Well that was in June of 2014. To my surprise as I began watching the program, it gave me a great deal of information on the woman on the wall. Her name is Opal Whiteley. I hope that you will look her up, as she certainly has some interesting history behind her. I am including a few other photos of what we saw that day.

DSCN6276DSCN6277DSCN6280I really appreciate observing what residents contribute artistically to their community.


13 thoughts on “Mystery Woman

  1. I love the bicycle and dog. And I had to laugh — Cottage Grove was the name of an old, old subdivision in my home town. One of my babysitters lived there, and the couple who were best friends with my folks.

  2. The murals are very cool…How fun that you saw the documentary after the fact and were able to fill in the blanks…

  3. Going to go and look her up..and when you come to visit me here in Niagara Falls Canada, I will bring you around our town and show you some murals you can take pictures of too♥ the bike one is amazing…

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