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Loving Dangerously

I have approximately fifteen days left in China.


Just now was the first time I have counted the days, and I’m rather shocked. Two weeks and one day, or so… I have yet to purchase a ticket. That might be something to add to the to-do list. I don’t know. Maybe. I’ll pencil it in.

The last few weeks have flown by. Hannah and I have spent nearly half of our last month at the orphanage. We spent Monday though Friday there a few weeks ago so that we could introduce our new schedule and activities to the nannies and then walk each shift through the day. Our nannies are unbelievable. I am continually in awe that God has provided 11 women with big, soft hearts. They not only do their job, but they love the kids too – and these kids, well, they’re not the kind of children…

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