What Works for Me

In December of this year, we will have lived in Oregon for two years. We have done some exploring, but have spent most of our time still settling in. Planting plants is recreational for us and checking out different kinds of plants that are unfamiliar to us, is a treat. We have some new Bee residents now, and they appear to be doing well. I just have one bit of advice for you about bees, don’t let one get stuck in your hair. It has happened to me twice and the lesson was, always pull your hair back or wear a hat. Now, I don’t normally get that close to the bee’s and they do leave us alone, but I was assisting the Bee keeper and he just jumps right in there without any of that silly protective covering..Lol!Β  I really appreciate the look of a small quaint towns, but I find driving through Portland kind of fascinating. I like observing the old brick buildings, admiring the charm of older homes, with yards of lush greenery, and all of the great colors coming from Rhododendron’s, Clematis’s, Azalea’s and more. On a recent visit to Portland I had an opportunity to walk through a neighborhood while my husband went to shop at a Bee supply store.

DSCN5866None of the homes in this area are alike

DSCN5896Pretty Wisteria

DSCN5889A Rose garden

While on our way to locate a bakery we had passed, we ventured into a local farmer’s market. As I looked around I discovered some greeting cards for sale. I was very much attracted to the artist, Mason Parkers style of watercolor. They have that charm I like and I see that he will have some 2016 calendars for sale in the near future. I’ll be first in line..



20 thoughts on “What Works for Me

  1. Wow! Every house has a beautiful yard! Is that true for the whole state or only for that area? It’s so inviting…
    You didn’t get bee sting, did you? I mean when a bee got stuck in your hair. I hope not.
    Have a great day!

    • Hi Helen, it depends on the location. As in most places some homes are cared for and some are sad. Surprisingly I didn’t get stung, but I made quite a seen with yelling at my husband to get it out of my hair. My hair is thick and it probably protected me. I heard the buzzing and it made me panic. It must have looked pretty funny and good thing it was in our back yard..

  2. Is that white wisteria in the photo? I’ve seen it only once, growing wild in Mississippi. It’s so lovely. All of the photos are, for that matter. I don’t think I would enjoy living in Oregon, but there’s no denying it’s a beautiful place.

    • Hi Linda! Yes, it is wisteria. It is so pretty and I know that it comes in another shade of lavender or purple. Oregon does have it’s drier, high desert side which we have not yet ventured off to and then of course the coast as well..

  3. What a lovely neighbourhood…such a different ambience to the place to where we live in Scotland. I find the different vibes that differing places put out…fascinating. Stunning wisteria and irises. Thank you.

  4. So lucky to have your own honey. My grandfather had bees, but as a kid I paid no attention. Love the photos, and would be so great to walk around that town. πŸ™‚

    • Eventually we hope to have honey.. as long as all goes well. I decided to not get attached because they have a short lifespan.. So I won’t be giving each of them a name..lol! I had an experience many years ago where some chased me. I remember screaming and running for cover. I am much calmer now…Thanks Peabea!

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