Weekly Photo Challenge: On The Way

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17 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: On The Way

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  2. Interesting for sure and definitely ‘on the way.’ I was on my way to Walmart today and passed by two adult, middle aged, men begging for money in the middle of the road. As I’m standing at Walmart’s customer service department to return something, there was a posted list of at least ten of their departments that were looking to hire employees. Some reasons for being on the street probably can’t be helped with a job and benefits but I’m thinking some could be. Bottom line – peace and better days to them all. 🙂

    • Hi.. You just reminded me of your lovely post of the water.. So pretty! [ He ] looked pretty comfy on the side walk. As much as I care about people eating my concern is for their pets too. When we visited Santa Fe one year there was a young lady traveling with her pet cat. She had a backpack to carry her cat in.. It becomes a way of life for many..but takes on toll on them physically, mentally and emotionally..

      • yes, I worked in NYC for 20 years and always gave to those with animals. I actually came to know one man and his dog very well. Very sad the troubles people have and live with.

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