Sundays Child



9 thoughts on “Sundays Child

  1. A gentle grey picture…is it a drawing or edited photo? Very sweet and children love dandelion clocks! We blow them here and count the hours by counting how many blows it takes to make the seeds disappear! Lovely 🙂

    • Hello! It is an edited photo of my youngest granddaughter. I will have to introduce dandelion clocks to the girls.. Thank you! What is your weather like? We have heat and not quite ready for summer.

      • Ah lovely pic, sweet little girl. Weather been appalling last few days, as cold as in April, heavy rain, gales etc., difficult to garden. Maybe starting to warm up from tomorrow…do hope so. Everything about 3 weeks late in the garden and no heat. Glad you have heat…we are crying out for some to warm the soil and warm our bones…! 🙂

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