Sometimes a terrible (mine) picture is more about feelings than perfection. As I write this my heart is welling up with gratitude for several things and yet breaking for other things. Bee Man is out of commission right now and I have  just spoken to him. I ponder right now on the surgeons and nurse’s that commit to seeing after the well-being of people.. day-to-day dealing with stuff and seeing so much that I would be grossed out by, having to see the yuck and contending with those that are torn up and in pain. To the very young doctor, that I don’t know,but only observed as you,  checked my husband out in the ER, I thank you for your dedication for wanting to keep people alive. For striving to do the right thing and living with integrity of heart. My heart cries in thankfulness..and yet it conflicts with the voices I hear of late, that are trying to demean others and inciting slander and yet claiming to be people of faith and people of love. I am not hearing the love, I am not feeling the love, I am feeling only the sting of words. This morning I read.. The servant of the Lord must be gentle.. 2 Timothy 2:24. That gentleness will be demonstrated in your everyday actions, in your speech. God help us to see where we are off. Yes, sticks and stones can break bones, but words really hurt too…



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