weekly photo challenge

Weekly Photo Challenge: Muse

Maybe you can tell me what my muse is?

2011-016This is several years old. I like charming old towns.

Downloads79-004The Doors

2015-06-13 001I would say life on earth and all of the neat, wonderful, quirky, fascinating things we get to see and experience each day.

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6 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Muse

  1. Your collection of doors in one collage was pretty! I like old buildings, homes and details found in or on them. I draw pen and ink drawings of homes and children’s names with watercolor added. 🙂

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    1. I don’t do art, photos or attach things to my essays. I did used to download those awards onto my blog, when nominated. I did have a friend who let me send him photos off my phone so he chose a few and it would be able to be seen should you wish sometime under my re-blog from his blog. His name is Mark Bialszak. On my post and his, it has Guest Blogger Robin Cochran.


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