This morning I had a visit from the code enforcement lady, and she informed us that someone, a neighbor emailed a complaint about our bees.. This is totally upsetting as they have become dear to us. We live in our little house with our four cats, that have been spayed, we have beautified our front and backyard.. I take pictures and we don’t bother anyone, so I would like think. Apparently there is something about us that is bugging someone….So, how can this be? Who is out to get us for being people who care about maintaining our home and making it look pleasing to the eye.


As disturbing as it is, I understand that there are forces of darkness that thrive on taking out peaceful people, people who are trying to make a difference in some manner. People just wanting to live life, honoring God, respecting the land, people and animals.

DSC_0014Ok, I’m busted!

DSCN7924We just need more catnip..we’ll be fine

Hmm.. yes, it’s  perplexing…human nature.. to want to kill, steal and destroy. I know it’s a spiritual battle and I know who wins, I know the outcome. And I  know that greater is He that is in me, than he…that rotten devil, that is in this world. And yes, he is a loser…

1 John 4:4


34 thoughts on “Bummer

  1. I’m so encouraged by you sharing this experience, seeing how you recognize the forces of evil at work and can have peace that God is in control. I needed this today. Thank you for sharing.

  2. Did the codes enforcement officer indicate what the options are or why the complaint was made? Allergy to bees, dislike for nature, whatever? Hoping this is a brief unhappiness on a neighbor’s part that will depart with a mood shift or a wind shift.

    • Someone anonymously emailed her and voiced that they bothered them, scared them or something to that effect. These bees are not looking for people. They are about their business and don’t even bother us as we sit or work in the backyard. Will only show agitation if my husband is working with them, and not always. We were informed that they had to be on a half acre, which is not our case. There is a gentleman that works with another kind of bee, not honey,strictly for pollination. He is going to inquire for us.. We would have to move them, which would take away from it being personable. There is someone amongst us that is an unhappy individual inside. We will see what comes our way. Thank you for commenting…

  3. You are so nice dear Roberta, how positive and nice… I don’t know what would I make if I were you… But of course there is difference between cultures… A few days ago, one of neighbourgs shouted me from her garden, “Nia, there are kitten in here, they came, they are sitting under the tomatoes, how can I keep them away?”… As if I was the responsible manager of cat worlds 🙂 I smiled and I told her, “I have hedgehogs and their babies here, we can change them if you want :)”….

    Thank you dear Roberta, Blessing and Happiness, love, nia

    • Hi Nia, thank you for the encouragement! You are funny, hedge-hogs or cats… So many neglected animals. It is hard for us that care about them.. You have a big heart dear friend. We can only do our best and do what we can.. Blessing and happiness back to you…

  4. Living with neighbors is a challenge and one that you seem to have risen above. Good luck finding a solution to keeping your bees. Maybe that interested neighbor would be interested if she knew bees=food to eat. My closest neighbor feeds the deer all winter and they come over and eat everything down to the ground and of course carry ticks. I just keep hoping she sees the light. 🙂

  5. congratulations on successfully raising bees of your own! we have tried attracting mason bees to the backyard (these are the honey-free, pollination-only variety) this year with a bee hotel, but no luck. maybe next year! our giant California lilac bush is a super attractant for the honeybees and bumblebees though, especially when the purplish blue flowers bloom all at once!

    • There is a gentleman in our neighborhood that raises Mason bees. It is a very interesting concept and I think people rent them from him or something like that. I think he also goes around promoting bees. It’s good! It is interesting to observe which flowers the bees like. They really are going crazy with some of our herbs… Thank you for the follow!!

      • I think we have the rent-a-mason-bee service here, too! 🙂 🙂 🙂

        it’s good to know that there are still people who are committed to helping these hardworking creatures, who are in considerable decline worldwide! 🙂

  6. Are your bees humming too loudly and keeping folks awake? 😉 Some of us in VB are upset today–a permit was granted for the destruction of the Bald Eagle nest (wrongfully declared inactive) and that tree was the first one to go this morning.

  7. I hope everything works out. I don’t know about codes and poor “bad” neighbors. Why can’t people just:
    I hope you don’t mind my venting in frustration for your cause. 🙂
    I loved The Bee Movie and it’s simple but powerful message. Maybe too sad for kids but so good! xo

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