After hearing a very good word on overcoming yesterday, it was clear to me, that I was stuck in an attitude that was only fueling thoughts of defeat. In a web of sorts in my mind. It was making me mentally tired. There is so very much negativity floating around, that we are bombarded with each day. If  we, (I) am not careful, it will consume us (me) in a subtle way. Proverbs 4:23 says, Above all else, guard your heart, for everything you do flows from it. NIV So today I encourage myself to be heart healthy..stop listening to the old worn out record. All it has done is created a deeper groove and playing the same old song of defeat and bondage. What I take in each day affects my thought life.  I choose life, that I may have it more abundantly…


9 thoughts on “Stuck

    1. Angela, I don’t like that you had a rough day.. I do recall some really rough days while working at the library. You would think that people that like books would be nice…Not always the case…lol!

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      1. Well here I am 6 days later replying…You know what? I don’t like rough days either BUT I’m not afraid of them anymore, like it’s the end of the world (for that is how I can….I’m a big girl now…♥


  1. You’ve restated very well what the computer programmers started telling us in the early days of these machines: garbage in, garbage out. It does make a huge difference what we take in. That’s one reason I got rid of my television. Yes, there are good programs, but most of the ones I really want to see, I can find online. It’s why I limit my social media time, too, and never, ever, EVER get involved in reading the comments on online articles.

    The way I figure it, decluttering my mind is as important as decluttering my home. I live in both, after all!


  2. I love Hairstreaks, so interestingly adapted. I saw one the other day where the tails were gone so I guess a predator was fooled and foiled. But next time, the poor butterfly has no camouflage.

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