It’s a Bees Life


After several months of going back and forth to Portland, we have been content to stay at home. We tend to our small garden and I have really enjoyed getting to eat a cucumber everyday.

DSCN9356 Our bees are doing well and their activity keeps us entertained. We have been watching Little League finals in Williamsport, PA. The Mother Hen in me watches every little facial expression of joy, sadness, and the tears of disappointment. It pulls at my heartstrings as I observe them.Β  I hope that they are never told, that boys or men are not supposed to cry.Β  I cheer them on, in the sidelines of our living room. The team from Lewisberg, PA is quite impressive, as well as others, but I give them all a high-five for putting their hearts into what they have a passion for.

9 thoughts on “It’s a Bees Life

  1. Here’s a small-world tidbit for you. The Pearland All-Stars, still in the Little League tournament, are from a town not even twenty miles from me. My mother’s knitting group met there, and one of the bloggers who comments on my blog all the time has family that’s been there for generations. It’s called Pearland because in the “old days,” it was home to acres and acres of pear orchards, as well as fig and Satsumas. It’s a nice town, and the kids are great. I don’t follow LLeague, but I do hope they do well.


    1. That’s interesting Linda! I will look into Pearland and the team. California played tonight against Rhode Island and won. I am partial to CA, since I am from there but if they play against PA, I am not sure who I will root for.. Thank you for the tidbit…


  2. I thought about you today while I was out in my yard taking photos. My autumn clematis is literally covered in thousands of blooms and there are so many bees enjoying them. πŸ™‚ ❀


    1. Thank you Natalie… The clematis that I had purchased and tried to grow fizzled quite a while ago. For some reason I have not had success with them.. Hmm! It sounds like the bees love yours..


      1. You might try autumn clematis. You can’t kill the stuff and after it dies to the ground, it comes back every spring. I didn’t plant the two that I have, their seeds blew in on the wind from somewhere else. And I love that now in this awful heat it looks like snow is covering the vines. πŸ™‚ ❀

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      2. Seeds are amazing.. We have a few sunflowers that grew without being planted.. We finally saw blue sky and clouds this afternoon because it has been smokey for the past two to three days.


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