Sunday Column: Goodbye old friend

Pets bring us more than they may ever comprehend..

Meanwhile, back at the ranch...


We’re quickly coming to the end of another season out here on the ranch.  School has officially started and my friends are posting “first day of school” photos of their kids, some sending their first borns off to kindergarden for the first time.

I’ve been spending time picking peas and beans, cucumbers, carrots and every red tomato I can find out of my garden, fascinated always by how time can transform dirt into food, just like that.


Fascinated by how time has made it harder for me to bend over and pick those beans every day, made those little flutters in my belly turn to jabs and hiccups…and then, soon, an actual tiny human that breathes this air.

Life and time are twin sisters it seems, conceived at the same moment and moving through the world together hand in hand. And just as time creates and grows life in one…

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8 thoughts on “Sunday Column: Goodbye old friend

  1. I felt so very sad and sorry for Jessie and her family when I read this blog this morning. I have lost a pet only recently .. What a lovely blog Jessie has – her way with words is truly beautiful and capturing.


    1. She has a great style of writing and neat and interesting lifestyle too. I am sure your heart is tender as well. Love and hugs to you today… We’ve had several days of smoke, so it’s good to see blue sky this morning…

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