Friday Photo Challenges

DSC_0349-001All is Calm and Bright

Today I am linking to 3 photo challenges

  1. Weekly Photo Challenge:treat
  2. Festival of Leaves 2015: week 9
  3. Pictorial Friday

Liking  up to three challenges at once is not something I’ve done before. There is always a first time. Treat is the challenge for the Daily Post. Observing Autumn color like I am, is very much a treat and a blessing. I am a former California woman, and Palm trees just didn’t offer vibrant colors, like the Oak and Maple trees. I look forward to participating at Festival of Leaves. It is kind of like a treasure hunt each week. My kind of simple fun… I am rather new to Pictorial Friday. Peabea is such a gracious hostess and it’s nice to visit her sweet blog and observe her creative touches to her photographs.


27 thoughts on “Friday Photo Challenges

  1. Love how you made this photo look like a piece of artwork, and thanks for linking up your photo art at Pictorial Friday. If you want the link to the heart clipping mask, I put the link to the download on my site. Thanks again for visiting and playing along. ~hugs~

  2. This is special triple hit post, Roberta! Your photograph is stunning! I love the vivid colors and the shimmering wayer. Hope you are having a beautiful weekend. Smiles, Robin

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