. . . and a big leap backward

Please.. prayer is needed for dear Pat!

Bailey Road

I’m not going to whitewash this.

Pat lasted one day at the rehab facility and developed breathing problems

She has been in the Intensive Care Unit since 24 October.

Pat is now back on kidney dialysis hoping to remove toxins from her body,.

Things are not looking good, but we’re still forging ahead.

There was this exchange between Pat and me this morning (I know it sounds like bad movie dialog but it actually happened this way::

Pat: “I need some of your strength”

I took down the bed rail and worked my arm underneath her and gave her a big hug

Me: ” Take all the strength you need”

Pat: ” I only want to borrow it,”

Me: “Take what you need. I can make more.”


Pat is the love of my life and she IS my life, We’re working as a team.


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4 thoughts on “. . . and a big leap backward

    • Pat is at peace now and without pain or discomfort. If possible would you kindly leave a note to her hubby at Bailey Road. You have such a wonderful ability with words.. ..
      Thank you!

      • Oh, I am sorry to hear of the tremendous loss but as you mentioned Peace is her comfort. Thanks for letting me know and your sweet comfort, too. I will go write Rick a note about Pat. Hugs, Robin

    • Roberta, I prayed for Pat and Rick after she was already gone, not staying connected to realize when she passed. I wrote something which hopefully, sounds comforting for Rick. Thank you for responding and letting me know. ♡

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