Pat will live on through the beauty of her artistic touch and love for nature and those she loved. Rest in Peace…gentle lady..

Bailey Road

I couldn’t sleep last night and drove to the hospital at 2:30AM. This was day 56.

Pat was awake, sort of.  I put my arms around her the best I could, what with all the tubing and dialysis equipment hooked up to her.  I asked her if she needed some more strength.  Pat clearly replied: “God said for you to keep it, you’re going to need it.”

One of her doctors came in about 9:00 and told me that nothing was working for her. Another doctor came in with the same news.  I agreed, and told him I wanted all that stuff taken off and wanted her peaceful and in no pain.  They did this for us.

Pat passed away less than two hours later.

Words cannot express how I feel.  There is some relief, too, knowing that she is not suffering any longer.

.Now comes the mechanics of dealing…

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