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I have never been one to just jump in to get involved in community activities or functions easily.  By nature I am on the quiet side but can get quite chatty, usually one on one, when the opportunity arises. I took the plunge recently and decided to join our local Senior center painting class. The sweet lady that talked me into it, had such enthusiasm for the class, that I found it rather convincing, as she shared the details. Yesterday, was the last day of instruction from the teacher, whom they all had gotten to know from previous classes. I came in at the tail end of the class, but was able to participate and learn a few techniques from Jennifer. The following are pictures of what we all had accomplished as of yesterday.




DSCN1579All of the ladies use acrylic and I was the only one using watercolor. Yes, my humble attempt is pictured here. I have very little experience with painting but am at a place in life where all of a sudden I want to learn a lot of things.. Better Late Than Never…Besides the company is delightful and just makes me want to keep going back.. Thank God for new beginnings..