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A Walk in the Park

November 16, 2015

Nothing like a walk to clear the mind..

DSC_0135make each day count

in some little way

leave yesterday behind

for this is a new day

don’t dwell on the negatives

for it won’t feed your soul

only zap you of energy

 and down you will go

so look up today

from where your help comes

and be filled with the love

and the peace of the Son..

                                        r gould


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  1. November 16, 2015 12:21 PM


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  2. November 16, 2015 3:52 PM

    Incredibly encouraging.

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  3. Ellen permalink
    November 16, 2015 4:32 PM


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  4. November 16, 2015 9:36 PM

    Pretty photo and nice poem, too.


  5. November 17, 2015 6:00 PM

    Love it … 😀

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  6. November 20, 2015 6:18 AM

    Lovely words and image, Roberta.


  7. November 30, 2015 9:09 PM

    A walk with faith and appreciation is a great and uplifting time well spent, Roberta. Take care!


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