Small Town Christmas Flavor

At the time of our arrival in Sweet Home, I had noticed a few of these. I will call them, oversized greeting cards. I thought they were sweet, but I was not aware, that there were many, more, throughout the community. A few days ago, I stopped at the Chamber of Commerce. They are selling handmade items, and I was given a bit more information about them. I think I overheard that there are over ninety of these painted cards/signs. No matter the amount, they are all impressive, but, I will have to get my information correct. Last night we drove around and of course I took pictures of them. They are all painted by local artists. My interest in art has increased, since I have come to know some of the ladies, from our local senior center painting group.  I will begin to share, some, of what I am seeing. This adventure began a few days ago.. in the rain..









13 thoughts on “Small Town Christmas Flavor

  1. These color hand painted signs are beautiful. Exactly what this special season is about. The gift of sharing, and wonder in the midst of our world. Merry Christmas! Thank you for sharing too!

    • Hi Denise! I agree with you.. so neat to think about all the different artists that took part in this endeavor. What a blessing for all of us. You are welcome and Merry Christmas to you!

  2. The “cards” are delightful, and very well done. I especially like the humor in the first one. I’m pretty fond of yams, but I think that pile would be beyond me, too. I must say, those reindeer are very well done.

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