Simple Gifts

On Christmas Day, it will be two years, that we have lived in the state of Oregon. We left California on the 23rd and spent a night in a KOA cabin on Christmas Eve with four cats, that I am sure, were wondering, what in the world we were doing. The next morning on Christmas, we put them in their crates and off we went in our two vehicles. We stopped at one of the few restaurants that were open and I had turkey with all of the trimmings. Since that time I have enjoyed the charm of the older small towns. You may know that about me, by now. Anyway, Silverton, is not too terribly far from us. The drive is just about an hour away. The rain came, but not enough to deter us from getting out. This is a little bit of what we saw that day.


My focus this year has been to simplify. At this very special time of the year, I appreciate the sights and smells of the season. The aroma of pine trees, and delectable goodies, that, I am not saying No.. to, just yet.

I found out that 100 greeting cards were placed out in our community. I am totally absorbing the creativity and inspiration from the local artists.


I hope you are able to take time to listen to Allison Krauss and Yo-Yo Ma..Enjoy!


12 thoughts on “Simple Gifts

  1. I don’t normally listen to the videos because my “guys” say I am burning up the data. When I saw Alison Krauss, well, it’s Christmas isn’t it? I am SO GLAD I listen to this BEAUTIFUL song!! Going to have my son download for me! Thank you!! Listening to her sing I had chills and tears before she even got very far into the song!! Thank you for sharing! A Christmas gift of delight!! God bless!! Merry Christmas!

  2. My gosh. I can’t believe it’s been two years. That gives me pause. I would have said a year.

    Alison Krause and YoYo Ma are an incredible pair. My favorite is their version of “Simple Gifts.” Now, ti listen to this one. Merry Christmas!

  3. Merry Christmas, dear Roberta. The season caught me with lots of things to do. I feel bad, need to come back. Can you believe I am off to work TODAY? Blessings to you and enjoy the simple things, they count and make a difference. The ornament and song were simply beautiful xo

  4. Your trip from California to Oregon probably felt sad but after 2 years, you have settled on and found new beauty to appreciate. Thanks for showing the montage of sights, they were really pretty, Roberta.

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