i am looking for words

where did they go

they seem to have left me

i just don’t know..

i think they got sticky

and are stuck

maybe, they got run-over

by a big truck..

i hope i find them

or they find me..

i want to be wordier

with words flowing and free..


19 thoughts on “Wordier

  1. Love it! My 2016 Bucket List includes the goal of getting back into more writing posts instead of the mostly photo ones (that I admittedly adore!).

    Going another direction with this, I’ve noticed as I get older that I just can’t call up THE word I’m looking for as easily as I used to be able to do. Early dementia? I certainly hope not!!

  2. The discussion here is very interesting. Words are the soup with which ideas are eaten. So a good vocabulary can be a great asset. Maybe blogging on words can be great. I am sure there are such blogs. Or having a page that treats vocabulary.

    • My desire is to write and I lack experience and sometimes confidence, so I tend to limit myself. Lord willing I will fly this year..lol! But yes, I notice some of those everyday words escaping…Thank you Victoria!

  3. Roberta, sorry you were running dry with your well of words. The photo was bright and colorful! Hope you have a great New Year and hope it holds more art and words. Hugs, Robin

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