Friends in High and Faraway Places


As the year of 2015 comes to be no more..speedily, I want to take time to say “Thank you,” to new readers and those of you that have been faithful to follow me along my journey in blogging. I have been immensely blessed by your inspiration in so many ways. I tend to be quiet and I know that I don’t visit as often as I would like.. but, I try to keep some balance on how much time I spend on the internet. It does not always go according to my original! Thank you, are two little words that are sometimes neglected, but say so much. May we all continue to tap into those creative places this New Year and cheer each other on in what way we can. Wishing you all a Happy and Healthy 2016.


27 thoughts on “Friends in High and Faraway Places

  1. What wise and lovely words my friend! I can relate to your “not always being on the Blog as much as you might, and trying to bring a balance into your involvement…” I too have struggled to bring a balanced participation to this Blogosphere world and not managed it yet. I took time out completely from August to December due to gardening commitments! Here’s hoping 2016 will bring you…and all friends on WordPress, much Harmony and Joy as we continue to explore our creative potential together. Thank You so much for your Thank You! :). xx love the cat…x

    • Hello, very nice to hear from you. I don’t keep up and get behind. We all do have other commitments and endeavors, so I think we are an understanding community. In fact a very nice and respectful. I am taking on a few new things, as in volunteering a few hours in our local library and I sure could use a part-time job. We will see what comes our way this 2016. I think balance and simplifying is the way to go.Riley the cute one keeps me centered…lol! Stay well…xx

  2. Roberta, you are so right! Thank you, in such a sincere manner, makes someone feel special and cared about. I am glad our paths have crossed and wish you the very best in 2016. Smiles, Robin

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