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Welcome the Morning

March 26, 2016

Poets are out in full force, so it seems to me.I am blessed to be among wonderful writer’s, artist’s and photographer’s.

Upward Bound

At times you’re lonely
Sometimes you’re blue
And the whole of living
Holds no warmth for you.
It’s time to take action
To alter your view
Remembering blessings
God has given to you.
Think back to the time
You were only a child
When blessings could hide
Beneath a bright smile.
They’re still there today
Waiting to be found
But never to moaners,
Groaners or frowns,
For happiness is precious
And in great demand,
The secret of ownership
Not easily found.
So when you awake
No matter the time
Look about you and smile
And remember to say
Good morning, what a nice day
How does joy feel as you
Start this new day?
A smile and a greeting
Edges sorrow away
While an ounce of laughter
Can serve you all day!
So, good morning, good morning
Won’t you join with me
For a cup of cafe’?

“S’ voce plait?”

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