Weekly Photo Challenge: Fun

Fun, it is, for this challenge. I would say that my definition of fun, has changed over the years. To some it may be considered, boring. I have come to appreciate simplicity. As I ponder on fun this morning, what stands out, is the quality time spent with family, from California. It was nice to have youth in the house, and extremely special, getting to meet baby Corbin. He got to experience picking berries and peaches, but he didn’t get to taste his mama’s delicious peach/berry pie that she made. Maybe next year. All in all, we had a wonderful time and it was fun.


Sweet little feet


The highlight of our Summer, Travis, Lesley and Corbin.


25 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Fun

  1. Our California babies came twice to Ohio this Spring so can relate to your post of having the house be active again. Sadly, they don’t plan to come back for probably two years since they’re saving to go to Israel again. At least I got to visit the grand-daughter who is 3 twice. And there is always Skype. haha

    Somehow, I’ve missed seeing your posts, but caught you on Google+ this AM so had to stop by and say hi and catch up. It says I follow, but maybe somehow I lost the feed. Question: Is this now your only blog? I think I use to follow at SowSweetMe? or something like that. Anyway, so glad you got to visit and have some family time. I too, enjoy the simpler things in life. ~hugs~

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    1. Hi Peabea! very nice to hear from you. Well another grandbaby, just over one recently moved to CA. from Chicago. I haven’t met him yet. That’s great that you had all of those quality time visits. Ever changeable me. I like aspects of blogger but now with only using Google or email etc it put a damper on my enthusiasm over there. Sowsweet me was a paid for address that I had and I am using the freebie. I am actually going to set up another just for photos here at wp. It will be called Rainy Day Dreamer when I get it going. I will have to look into skype a bit more. I have recently signed up for an online class at kim klassens. I haven’t spent much time there yet but I think it will be good. I miss tuesday texture.. Anyway I will seek you out so I can see what creative things you are doing… I still want to paint but I need beginner beginner instruction.. Take care and have a wonderful rest of summer…. xx


      1. I have WordPress still and Blogger but not much at either. Seems I’m lagging in inspiration. I like Google+ and Instagram and for now have deactivated on Facebook (so much drama and mean comments from friend list). Anyway, I need to get back to photography like I started out, but with car troubles, I don’t get to many scenic places lately. I pretty much stay home. Am still making and selling on Etsy.
        Congratulations on the new grandbaby. Seems you’re similar to us, our kids moved away and we see not as much as we’d like, but glad they’re independent and doing okay. For now, all seem settled. πŸ™‚ ~hugs~ and I’ll stop back and also catch you on Google. πŸ™‚
        I like email too so will email once in a while and I’m a big fan of snail mail, but haven’t done the Postcrossing in a while.

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      2. Oh, I can so relate..fb I could really live without, except that I have three children that share an occasional picture so it helps to keep me updated. I have just started with Instagram. Kind of easy and no pressure. It’s so neat that you continue to pursue your creativity. I hesitate to dive in.. I have not participated in postcrossing either but will one of these days. My interest right now is to become a sponsor to a native child from pine ridge in south dakota. I have been on before and it is rewarding to send off little items that are needed.. Ok Peabea, get your camera out and continue with you artistic touch… Take care friend!


    1. Thank you Marie! He has already changed since we last saw them.. They are in Ca and we in Oregon, so it won’t be often that we see them.. Anyway technology provides many options these days to stay in touch…. (:


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