Measuring Up



on the scale


on clock

our lives

are based on


it’s a very sobering thought


by numbers

is that who

we are

do numbers

tell us

that we

have come far

or not..

in life

that seems

to give

those with

high numbers

the number one spot..

                                 r gould

4 thoughts on “Measuring Up

  1. There are some numbers that I don’t count as friends and some I do. The don’t are the weight number, the age number, the BP numbers, deadline numbers for projects when worked, etc….some I do are countdown numbers to date of expected delivery of children, birthday surprise presents, Christmas Advent countdown, number of days until grown kids can visit for cookouts, etc. Yep, seems we do count numbers a lot. Happy day number 8-26-16. lol ~hugs~


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