Festival of Leaves 2016: Week 1


Change, coming soon to your neighborhood. For all photo leaf catchers, here is the link to Festival of Leaves for the 2016 season.


7 thoughts on “Festival of Leaves 2016: Week 1

  1. Love the photo, especially the contrast to the red tent in the background. Soon all those leaves will also be brightly coloured…
    Are you on vacation on a campground at the moment? I am too, next week! It’s always so wonderful to breathe in all that fresh air and enjoy the easy life.
    Thank you so much for taking part and see you next week! x

    • Thank you! It just happens that we live fairly close to a lovely park and campground. We packed a lunch, ate and walked around viewing the many campers. When we lived in CA. we would drive up the coast of Oregon and camp. Now that we live here we have only camped a few times, but I am so ready for a few days away… Enjoy your time…

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