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Pictorial Friday Blog Hop Sept 16


Learn to be quiet enough to hear the genuine within yourself, so that you can hear it in others.

                                                   Marian Wright Edelman~ Advocate for children

Today I am linking to the Friday Blog Hop with Peabea. I especially like the scripture that she is sharing today. If you have time, stop by to say “hello!”

 I had this photo in mind this morning, as I am back to work, two days a week with little one’s. I find that I am not too old, to learn something new.. But my body needs the rest of the week to recuperate… lol!

May God bless the little children with a safe and healthy school year~

6 thoughts on “Pictorial Friday Blog Hop Sept 16

  1. Love the quote. I so agree and pray that all the children and schools no matter the level be safe this year. Thanks for visiting and sharing your link. ~hugs~ and have a great week ahead.
    Our California babies have returned to Ohio so they will now only be an hour away for at least 13 weeks or maybe more if they extend. I may have said before that she is a traveling nurse. They have stayed with us two weeks while waiting for her assignment to start so I’ve had fun with the youngest grandbaby who just turned four.

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    1. No, I didn’t know that. That is wongderful! How interesting… Working with the kids makes me think about them a lot. Talked to my daughter about a visit to Ca. It will be awhile. Have a super weekend! Glad to link with you…


  2. I am a retired special education teacher and we have a 16 month old grandson…He tires me out, but i love every minute. Thank you for stopping by ramblingwoods. I went back through your blog posts and to your about page as I love to meet new blog friends. You have such a lovely thoughtful blog. I have my moments of that on mine, but I find myself fired up with it comes to the environment and wildlife. I also have planted my yard for pollinators and LOVE sitting and listening or getting out with my camera.. Nice to meet you…Michelle

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    1. Hi Michelle! How very nice to meet you as well. Thank you so much! I have worked with special needs children and some at risk boys too and Native American youth, as a teacher’s aide. I am presently working two days a week at a day care center and have mainly been with the two year olds. I had forgotten about how they can be…lol! We could really get into a long discussion about what works and what doesn’t. (: I am very concerned for my grandchildren and all children with all of the changes going on in our world, so we need fired up people like you to convey the message. I have always been very quiet but I find myself getting fired up too about abuse of children, animals, environment and more. I too love watching the busy bees, bumblebees, the hummers and we even have some cute frogs. I have a grandson that was born in May of 2015. They did live in Chicago and have to moved to CA. I have not met him yet but hope to, soon. I used to work at a library and we had what was called Toddler Boot camp. It was about a half hour of movement to music. We did it twice a week. I got to help out with it. I want to locate the cd we used and suggest using it to the teacher I work with. There was a bean bag song that we would toss it and a few others that were fun. Well I am rambling mother hen right now.. good night and I am sure we will have plenty of time to chat…


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