Festival of Leaves 2016: Week 2


fall color

you come

at your own pace

please do not hurry

 i hope for you to stay

as long as possible

that is

if i had it my way…

I am linking to Week 2 of Festival of Leaves

26 thoughts on “Festival of Leaves 2016: Week 2

  1. Fall is one of my favorite subjects for there is so much there to charm, color, crisp air, the magic of imagery when a breeze sweeps dried leaves into a pile, then you could possibly have a new creation … perhaps a Monet! I like your poem, fall is a good subject.

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  2. Memories of Norway the Land of the Midnight Sun

    Another image that invokes more reminiscences
    Of Norway, its fiords, its incredible scenery
    Of Kristiansand a City full of pleasantness
    2 weeks canoeing with my friends and Henry
    2 weeks climbing, abseiling, mountain quietness
    All part of an army’s adventure training itinerary
    Skis stacked on pines, a symbol of trustworthiness
    In places wherever we trod, lemming purgatory
    In thousands all very flat it all seem so pointless
    We had all heard that lemmings were migratory
    But whatever happen there verged on relentlessness.
    Trout fishing to supplement the food inventory.
    Took our minds off lemmings, lost its interestingness.
    Last meal at base camp, was for all, obligatory.
    Last night in Kristiansand dancing ourselves senseless
    On the ferry to Hjorring in Denmark, extraordinary.
    For not one of us mentioned the town name, mindless
    That our pronunciation could possibly be derogatory.
    Although not at al,l or in any way my words could be priceless
    But you, Words of Honey did invoke in me a memory
    Of when as a young man, I was so full of fiesteness
    Now not so young, but always ready for my next journey

    Take care, and many thanks for sharing your memory invoking photo,


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    1. My friend I will have to look up lemmings..lol! unless you want to tell me what they are. I was born in southern california, known for it’s heat in the summer…ugh and palm trees. I grew weary of the palm trees, as they lined the streets. I have respect for them now.. Some places like Norway are rather foreign to this former desert rat but I have an appreciation for beauty and it’s wonderful to connect with those that have lived in far away places that I may never see except through the eyes and photos of others. And being that I too am older I thankful for each day I wake up to greet the morning and continue on my journey.. I am happy to contribute to memory invoking.. you are welcome… (:

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      1. Nutria, knew they were called by that name from many academic sources, never heard it used openly until now. I’ve always known it as the Coypu, a south American rodent; grows up to 60 cm, 2 feet long. I don’t know if they still are, but they were once farmed for their fur. The latter could be the reason they are found wild in the state of Oregon, ether released or escapees. I cant sat I dislike them, but there certainly not cute.

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      2. I have only seen one because a police officer had removed one off someones property and relocated it to the woods. I had been walking by at the time. I think it would have at another time made me jump…

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  3. That’s absolutely beautiful! The picture is gorgeous and the poem so true! We can’t control how fast the colours come and go but we can take some time to appreciate them, when they are there. For me it feels the same, though, I always find that autumn is over too quick.
    Thank you for your entry, see you next week xx

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  4. Fall is the best season (in my opinion)! So beautiful plus there are always so many more things to do this time of year…especially after a long hot summer like we have in AZ. Very pretty photo. Do you ever pick a place and photograph it several times a year to see the changes?

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    1. After three years (almost) of being here I realized that I should do that. Or at least focus on a certain tree and photograph the seasonal change.. I have been watching the hummers. They love our backyard.. So much fun. Now we have the finches visiting because of the sunflower seeds. I am still working on getting a good shot of the geese. I still have not figured out the settings for catching them as they fly over…

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  5. Popping in for a visit from Verena’s festival of leaves blog. Lovely photo and even lovelier poem. I like autumn and too hope it lingers for a while.Good luck with the geese photography! I usually set my camera to sports mode as I am hopeless with all the techie stuff!

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