Spunky Pup

If you find yourself in the doldrums of life, I have a quick remedy. I have not been the same, since I came across Albert on Wheels. If you take a peek, I am sure Albert and his friends will capture your heart as well. Sometimes life’s challenges want to get the best of us, but A joyful heart is good medicine, and a broken spirit dries up bones. Proverbs 17:22. For you advocates, of four legged furry friends, take time to meet Albert. Despite, Albert’s challenges, he certainly, is not letting his limitations hold him back. Viewing his cuteness and enthusiasm, has given me a new perspective, on how I face my own challenges. Way to go Albie…

4 thoughts on “Spunky Pup

  1. Such a little sweetheart. I’ve seen photos of other animals outfitted with wheels similar to this and they all look so happy to be able to be mobile again. Animals really don’t expect what we do from life. As long as they have some love, care, and food, they are happy.

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    1. I follow on instagram and every time I see Albie as he is called, there is a tug in my heart. There are other furry friends in his home that are very sweet too..


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