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Before I continue, I wish to thank a sweet lady, over at Mama’s Empty Nest for an award that she gave to me. It was quite a nice and welcome surprise when I saw this. We are kindred sister’s in our faith and like Mama, we are empty nester’s as well. It was a boost I needed and brought encouragement my way. Thank you! xx


And an explanation…

It has been a few weeks since I have posted anything. Our slow computer contributed to this. I find it to be a challenge to do anything online at times. Our internet service it not the greatest, but it is affordable. On top of this, in the month of April, I lost the wind in my sails, after reading something online that disturbed me. During this time I wanted to respond, but after considering it, I decided to let it go. I believe it was written with good intentions, but I found it to be written, in what felt like, a sense of superiority… I allowed it to knock out all interest in posting or writing anything. As I reflect, I realize it was just a teachable moment and a time for me to examine my heart and take a look at what was going on.. Being the imperfect people, that we are, there are always ongoing lessons to be learned, in the school of life on earth. So onto the new. There have been blessings in our lives with new birth and birthdays. We now have four grandchildren, having  birthdays in the month of May. Unfortunately we are not at a place (location) where we can easily join in on the celebrations. After much contemplation we are considering what we can do to change our situation. We have put a lot of love into our home, but this is not the first time we have beautified and then moved on.. I still may be making some other changes and that may include wordpress too, but until then, I  want to say Hello, to all of you beautiful people…