Weekly Photo Challenge:Structure


For the past two days, I have been observing this spider in our backyard. It is the first of it’s kind, that I have seen, in the time we have lived in this house.


I have applied HDR to add to the effect of the Structure of the web. According to what I have read, this spider is called an Orb weaver spider. In the time that I have been observing it, it has had two meals.


I am linking to the Daily Post, weekly photo challenge

Safety First


Just a reminder for those that plan to view the Eclipse.. Protect your eyes and I heard this from someone this morning to not stare. Maybe a good idea to do research on the subject of viewing an Eclipse.. It has been disappointing, to hear that glasses have been sold that are not legitimate. Once again, all in the name of money and no concern for people and the harm that can be done. How about integrity? And concern for the welfare of people.. Safety first~

Frog Daze of Summer


Summertime has brought highly important happenings in my life


This little visitor came to keep me company one afternoon


Not very talkative


But that was fine with me.. I was not in a talkative mood either..