weekly photo challenge

Weekly Photo Challenge:Structure


For the past two days, I have been observing this spider in our backyard. It is the first of it’s kind, that I have seen, in the time we have lived in this house.


I have applied HDR to add to the effect of the Structure of the web. According to what I have read, this spider is called an Orb weaver spider. In the time that I have been observing it, it has had two meals.


I am linking to the Daily Post, weekly photo challenge

16 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge:Structure

    1. I don’t like them either. Depending on what kind they are, they can do damage to a person. I decided to look this one up and find out. If it was not family friendly it would have to move..lol! Thanks so much! You will have to see what she accomplished in the night.. stay tuned…

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    1. Shortly after, maybe the day after I posted I observed an egg sac.. I have been watching and she is not around today. I don’t know if she moved on and out catching something to eat. Thank you for your comment..

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  1. We watched one of these a few years ago on our back porch. They show up most frequently in September; lay an egg sac, then die. We watched in vain for all the tiny little spiderlings to hatch and go floating away, but never saw any. We called her Charlotte…. πŸ™‚

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    1. I wanted to call her Charlotte too.. She left an egg sac and I was wondering where she went.. Death.. I am sad to hear. I have been watching frogs in our back yard. I felt like a surrogate mother.. lol! so fun and I got a shot of one today that is really sweet..

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    2. Thank you for the follow.. I kind of drag my feet during the summer, as far as posting and keeping up.. but I feel a bit energized now.. Your blog looks wonderful and my first thought was that you have a lot of energy..

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      1. Oh that makes me laugh. In a good way. I’m trying to finish a novel that I’ve been writing for a Very. Long. Time. And my blog posting has suffered. I think your blog is lovely. I’m looking forward to getting to know you. πŸ™‚

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