I Fall for You



2017-09-21 001

autumn rain

clears the air

revives the earth

from summer’s heat

hues of gold, yellow and brown

leaves that fall

and dance around

crispy apples, take a bite

sounds crunchy

like leaves under your feet..

bring out the sweaters

that wrap your arms

nice and cozy..

a cup of coffee or some tea

don’t forget about hot cider, and

of course a sweet spicy treat..

an autumn girl I am..

                                                                                                 r gould

17 thoughts on “I Fall for You

  1. Humph! It may be officially fall, and it may be fall for you, but we sweaty old grumps down here on the Gulf coast will have to wait a while longer. No matter — I love all the images of the season you’ve combined here — I can’t wait to enjoy them myself!

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  2. I noticed that there are still some hot spots throughout the US.. Palm Springs where my sister lives is one of them.. So interesting too is that it has snowed in a few places as well. Our very weird weather goes on.. You”ll get there…

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  3. Delightful post for sure! We also patiently wait on Fall to arrive here in southern Oklahoma. In expectation I popped some corn and topped it with caramel even with the a/c on!! Blessings and thank you for sharing:)

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  4. I’m here in Portland OR with my daughter. I think we’ll have gorgeous fall colors soon. But I’ll go back to southern CA for a few days. Like Palm Springs, there’s no autumn in CA. Nice poem!


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