three quote challenge

3 Day Quote: day three


I am completing day three, of the quote challenge. I must admit, that I have enjoyed searching for quotes. The are many morsels of words to chew on. I consider myself to be a flexible person. So in my style, I am ending the challenge with not having followed directions. I choose to call it flexibility.. Lol! Well, it wasn’t funny in high school. Anyway it has been fun.. and thank you for reading.

three quote challenge

3 Day Quote Challenge: day two


Several days ago, I reflected on certain people that came into my life for a short duration. As I look back they appeared in my eyes to have been mature individuals of good character, integrity and displayed kindness. I see them now as quiet and gentle messengers from God. At the time, I didn’t  grasp the understanding of who these people were and why I was meant to meet them in my lifetime. Now, that I am older I have an appreciation for those that I was gifted to have met. As I searched for a quote today, I thought this was fitting for what I had been pondering on lately.

On day two of this three day challenge, I would like to nominate Rachel from rachelmankowitz: the cricket files to share a quote. Rachel has an ability to make me laugh with her wit and sense of humor. She has a love for furry friends and a desire to help humanity, in a field that takes very special people, to work in that capacity. I am extremely sensitive to those that live very busy and full lives. There is absolutely no pressure to do this.  Rachel is gifted as a writer, and another writer that I can visualize her work in print. I have modified this challenge, but the following are the real rules for this..

The rules for the 3 Day Quote Challenge are

  1. To thank the person that nominated you
  2. Post a quote for three consecutive days. (one quote for each day)
  3. Nominate 3 bloggers every day
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3 Day Quote Challenge: day One


Mama, at Mama’s Empty Nest has nominated me, to share 3 quotes for 3 days . With the continued rain and cold weather, I feel as though I have been hibernating and waiting for warm weather to show up. So, I will get out from under my comforter and participate in this challenge. Mama, writes sweet endearing short stories of faith and family.  They make me think they should be in the Guideposts magazines, that I used to read, in years past.She also shares her love for photography and includes quotes for all to ponder on. Thank you Mama, for nominating me.

The rules for this Challenge are..

1.Thank the person that nominated you

2. Post a quote for three consecutive days (one quote for each day)

3. Nominate 3 bloggers every day (I am choosing to modify this to one blogger per day)

My nominee, for this day one challenge, is Natalie at Sacred Touches. Natalie faithfully shares from her beautiful blog, her love for gardening, photography, as well as quotes. Please know that there is no pressure to participate or not.