Now Back to Our Regular Programing


Greetings…. friends and followers of this very neglected blog. I am signing in to say that   we survived moving. There were a few bumps in the road, that tried our patience and some events that we will some day be able to laugh about. We are still in the process of settling in and getting to explore our new surroundings. I apologize for my use of wording when it came to the last post I wrote, Moving. Unfortunately that old neat house was not to be ours. It was simply one, that caught my attention one day, as I sat in the passenger’s seat. I often like to see what I can capture.. We have only had internet for a week, and now I am getting familiar with a different computer. It was quite an experience not having it. But then we were so busy with packing and loading up our belongings, most of that time we were exhausted.


Now we are moving forward into a New Year. We certainly have had our challenges in 2018. Not all has been hunky dory. Despite our disappointments, and other challenges, each of us has the ability to choose to be messengers of encouragement in our everyday lives. We have much to be grateful for.. Happy New Year!

What the New Year brings to you, will depend a great deal, on what you bring to the New Year~ Vern McLellan