6 thoughts on “Sunday Soul Search

  1. The three of you gave me thrills by reading your take on the day. IT is always a good time to examine self and see how and where you stand on the goals of life. However, the closer one gets to knowing we are approaching “the end” it should be a time to question, “Am I prepared for what lies ahead?’ True, we don’t know much about what those tasks will be, but the desire says a lot. My Mother was a sharp, devoted Christian and her expression of that work to be really made an impression on me. Her closing lines go like this: “If He should give me then some wondrous task to do, Or let me look at great new things to be, I shall be waiting somewhere there for you As our beloved are waiting now for me.
    Make your time is a blessing for the Lord and look ahead to the future our Lord is preparing for the faithful.
    My own time is not far away, and while I look ahead anxiously, my moto is to stay busy. I’ll be 86 in about a week. I still write on word press, delving in at times on unmarked subjects and wondering why I thought it was a good idea; but my fourth book is nearing time for publication. It is named An Historical Memoir. I hope all of my followers will be interested in reading it. If you haven’t read my previous books you can find them as a connection to my blog gardengirl761.wordpress.com still named Upward Bound.

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    1. Thank you Marie for sharing this. I shall look for your books..I tend to marvel at those who were raised in a household of faith. Having not had that experience it was quite a bumpy road for me.. but I praise God for His mercy and grace each and every day…


      1. Thanks for your reply. I’ve been fond of hearing from you from the beginning of our meeting because of the attitude that spirituality that was there even then. Thank you for the person you are…God just asks that we continually seek regardless of what the past was for us.

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  2. Dear Marie, thank you for your encouragement. I have been very quiet here at wordpress. We moved in December and have settled into another small town in Oregon. I am originally from California. In that same month we bought a new computer and windows 10 has totally messed with me. I enjoy photography and the system is so different from windows 7. My sister and I went to church when we were little with some neighbors. I was very young. I remember the church was white and I recall the pews and the flannel boards. God touched my heart at that time. My mother did not have a relationship with God at that time and it was not until I was a young woman that she began going to church. Praise God! He is the potter and we the clay, making and molding us to be better each day…

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