When the Winds Blows


This photo was taken on March 3rd on a beautiful day on the coast of Oregon, Lincoln City to be exact.


People and dogs were out, and some children romping about in a small stream of water draining off a cliff. Beet red feet, and appearing to be having  the time of their little lives. Most adults were bundled up and snug in their jackets.


Fetch the ball, Fido


Then there was this kite surfer, I am not sure if that is the right terminology. I was intrigued as we watched him set up his kite on the beach, before he got into the water. I could have watched him for a long time. Not only would I consider him brave and adventurous, but very strong too. Another man, eventually joined him and I am sure it is a heart pumping thrill. It was a lovely afternoon, and we did find some tiny rock treasures and a few agates, which made our day.

I would like to address a problem with Windows 10. The computer we purchased in December has baffled me. For some reason when I transfer photos from my cameras to computer, they have ended up in different destinations. Some are easy to find and then others are somewhere on the computer. On top of it, I am no longer able to use Picasa, which was one of my favorite methods for photo editing. I am not the brightest light bulb in the world of computer technology, but I admit, it has not been a fun experience. I am over the frustration, somewhat and will make the best of it…

9 thoughts on “When the Winds Blows

  1. I’m no techie, and it would be easier if I were there, but here is a thought and a suggestion.

    First, the thought. On Windows, if you have a user name that you’ve added, like ‘Motherhen,’ you have to be very careful to upload images to that name. Otherwise, they’ll often go to the generic ‘User’ that Windows provides. I have Win7 rather than Win10, so I can’t be sure that’s a problem with your operating system, but it is with mine.

    As for photoprocessing, I’m still making use of a program called PicMonkey. It’s an online editor, but it’s easy to save your edited photos to your computer. I have both Lightroom and Photoshop, but…well… One of these days I’ll learn how to use them. For now, PicMonkey’s fine. Its basic program is free, although I’ve found the advanced tools worth the $4.95 a month for the Pro version.

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  2. HI! Thank you! I am open to all suggestions. I don’t like Windows 10 setup for pictures. I want them all in the same place, but I am sure I have not helped because of not understanding the lingo😕 By the way, as I read your post about geese, I could see myself being a goose chaser, well maybe not now, but I love observing them and hearing them honk…


  3. Computers can be so frustrating. I’m no techie either, so I have no good suggestions for you. On a better note, I loved your Oregon coast photos. Those kiteboarders are something else, aren’t they? I remember once we sat for a long time watching windsurfers on the Columbia River in the Gorge area. Amazing.

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    1. I usually learn the hard way.. lots of mistakes in between. Hopefully I will get the hang of it.. I just think of the amount of energy expended for that activity… We have not been to that area yet.. Hopefully one of these days..

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  4. I hear you. I’m finally making some sense on editing photos on my new computer and still miss good ole picasa . Your winter trip to the beach looked amazing. I love the beach in winter. Hope you have a great weekend.

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