Sunday Soul Search

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3 thoughts on “Sunday Soul Search

  1. Blessed indeed. Funny, in a not so much haha type of way – so many don’t realize what a blessing is, or that they’re surrounded by them. So many believe that blessings and miracles should be, or will be, enormous shows of magic … when in fact … blessings can be nothing bigger than a kind-hearted stranger smiling at you as you walk near them in the street. I tend to always try and be remain aware of acting justly and always doing the right thing. Terrible things have happened to me as well, things that would make most faint of heart not be able to carry the weight of it all … and so many ask me how I believe I could possibly be blessed. Yet, I feel blessed every moment of each day, even on the hardest of days. I find that most people are blessed, they just don’t open themselves up to realizing it. BTW – Beautiful Tree!

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    1. I agree.. LIfe’s experiences will sometimes blindside us and our vision of the good and blessings that come, will get overlooked. Thank you for sharing your thoughts with me..

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