Beside Still Water

Earlier I observed this little bird, land on the birdbath. Bathing didn’t seem to be a priority. It appeared to just want to rest. That is my focus as well, today. On the tenth of this month, it will be seven months that we relocated from a house with a larger front and backyard.  Our goal was to downsize and garden on a smaller scale,and to get closer to the Veterans Hospital in Portland.  As in previous homes we have transformed our smaller backyard and I am so happy that the birds have begun to visit. We must have a sign that says, Birds are Welcome Here..

Mister G, had surgery almost two weeks ago. He will be on antibiotics until the infection in his shoulder clears up and then go back for more surgery. After this there will be no more lifting rocks, digging holes and gardening will be limited. So the cook and sometime dishwasher is down and mother hen is keeping a watchful eye on him, as he has a tendency to want to do too much. So for today, while he catnaps, I will be putting my feet up, on my favorite all purpose coffee table, and enjoy the quiet of my day…

8 thoughts on “Beside Still Water

  1. Awe…so many prayers, blessings, and swift healing for your hubby. Aging and slowing down has been hard to do at times. I seem to have to be busy, and thankful for now that I can keep moving. Love the photo. 🙂

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    1. Hi friend.. Thank you for your kind and loving thoughts.. He has been sleeping and resting more after prayer for him.. I am thankful for that.. Have a blessed and productive summer! xx


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