In Memory Of

Natalie Scarberry~ https://sacredtouches.com/2019/04/17/my-mom-natalie/comment-page-2/#comment-166197

I was going through some files of blog posts that I had kept, but not read in a few years. I found myself learning that a dear sweet blogger had passed away. My heart sunk, as from her posts, I felt a deep connection with Natalie. A deeply wise and gifted woman. I am sad, but know that one day, there will be a time to meet again. I think about the people that have blessed me, some for just a short season. That is how life is. I recall meeting a kind woman from Taiwan one year. Our acquaintance was brief, but when we were departing, and knowing that it would perhaps be the last time to meet here on earth, we wept like we had known each other for years. To you Natalie Scarberry, I found out that Hollyhocks are your favorite flower and I will be sure to plant them this spring. I will look at their beauty and think of you.