August Up and Away

Up and away

August can’t stay

Time for September

I hope you remember

For what’s ahead 

Some cool weather relief

Pumpkin spice and all pumpkin nice

And ramping up my prayer

For all people, and everywhere.


11 thoughts on “August Up and Away

  1. Your photo reminded me of the first week we lived in our new house in Portland, Oregon (we had moved there from Kansas City). One morning there were hot air balloons sailing through the air over our house and my kids were so excited to see them. Your poem was a sweet goodbye to August. I’m always ready for fall and even though I’m not big on pumpkin spice everything, I do have a great recipe for pumpkin bread.

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  2. Well here we are solidly into September and I’m finally getting over here. I’m not ready for September, even though I like it. I want another few weeks of summer. On the other hand, pumpkin pie DOES sound kind of nice.

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    1. Good morning! I was born in a desert community. When I was old enough to hang clothes out on the clothesline I would look up at Mt. San Jacinto and want to be up there in the Pine Trees. It was blazing 🥵. I missed out in certain seasonal activities. I grew up with notions of log cabins and wood stoves. 😁Here in Oregon we’ll ease into the cooler weather with rain.

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