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They Deserve Gold Medals

What do we do now?
I miss her..

These are the other girls. Riley and Lizzy. They have been low key today. I do wonder what they are thinking. Lizzy is Ally’s sister and Riley was abandoned as a little ball of fluff. Her sibling had been run over. The kind thoughts in response to what I posted yesterday, are much appreciated. Thank you! WordPress has some pretty great people, not only talented, but with heart. As I pondered today, my thoughts led me to an incredible couple, I have come to know through blogging. I have read story after story of prairie life. For them prairie living over the years has involved, caring for many cats. Many of them have been homeless and unfortunately some left on purpose, to leave the responsibility to someone else. These compassionate, good hearted and hardworking couple deserve an award for their goodness. Gold medals would be great, but the truth is that they have hearts of gold. Please visit Arlene Martin. Surprise her, and tell her how much a certain blogger, was bragging about her, and her hubby too.

arlene martin

Speaking of Cats

Here’s our cutie pie, Riley, when we lived in California. My husband found her outside my daughter’s home one morning. I have most likely posted this at another time. I want to introduce a beautiful woman, that is a blogger, and  has a heart as big as the world for cats and people. Meet Arlene, aka Ethel Farmer. What I share is not current but will give you an idea of what she and her heart are all about.. Thank you Arlene for all you do! I know that you have gone over and beyond in your efforts to care for all the kittens and cats that have set foot in your part of the world.