Am I There Yet

DSCN5100Roto-tiller man is down and out of commission as far as doing anything strenuous with his arms. I amĀ  left to my own devices. Last spring he worked the ground, back and forth, dug out rocks, cut out roots and did a number on berry vines. After all of that hard work we did not do anything else to the good earth. We had thoughts of sowing seed for grass and also purchasing railroad ties, but that was as far as it got.

DSCN5096I did manage to fill the wheelbarrow and plant this apple tree, but I really do not have a good laid out plan of attack. The cats love the wild and out of control look and the weeds don’t bug them at all.

DSC_0020For now I plant flowers that give me a quick fix of satisfaction and joy and remind me that there is Hope and I will eventually get to where I am going..