Bears, Butterflies and Lilies, Oh My

Yesterday evening a neighbor came by to tell us that he had seen a bear in our yard. We had actually been sitting outside and I am thinking that it must have peeked around the corner of our house and saw us and went the other way. We have been here almost four months and haven’t seen one yet, but when I do, I hope it will not be up close and personal like in our front yard. There is an area to picnic about two miles up the road and they are often seen there. I don’t have a bear photo for you but I have these Lilies that I call Japanese lanterns. I don’t know what the proper name for them is, but their bright brilliant colors can be seen sprinkled throughout this community..

I have been chasing Butterflies for sometime now and finally managed to capture a decent photo of one. We have Monarchs and Swallowtail, but they seem to flit by quickly. It helps to have a plant that will attract them..