bighorn sheep

Here We Go

Yesterday we spent the afternoon in an area called Whitewater. It is located not far from Palm Springs, where I was born. As you will see from the photos is was a beautiful day. It must have been in the eighties. This place used to be a fish hatchery. As a child my step-father worked  for General Telephone and they would occasionally host a fish fry there. I had hoped to do a slide show of this..(help) but I did not know how other than using a certain theme  but it was not quite what I wanted. Anyway, I am sure I will get the help I need..Thank you!

I often like to photograph hiking trails. They are a reminder to me of the paths,my journey, I have traveled over the years. I have shared previously, at another blog that my oldest son hiked the Pacific Crest Trail when he was a very young man.  He ended up in Washington and has lived there for years. As I walked I overheard people talking about Big Horned Sheep. I took a look through the telescope and there they were up on a ridge..It was a pretty cool sight.

As we enter into 2012 may our steps be surefooted and may all of our aspirations..hopes…dreams…and desires take us to the high and lofty places ~ rgould