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Birds of a Feather


A few months ago we started feeding the birds. This is what we are using, until we can find something more suitable. So far no complaints. It has been a crazy day of rain, wind, some sunshine and now more wind. I have had a great time observing the birds in our backyard.


I have no idea what these birds are. If there is someone that can identify them for me, I’d really appreciate the information.


2017-05-11 15.17.46-2


Why, Why, Why?

Today our world is all abuzz with questions…The why’s of many unanswered questions.

DSC_0025-003The sunflowers are looking more ragged each day, but the little birds of a feather don’t care. They are getting fed.

DSC_0032-002Look at the two little faces on the left. They appear to be looking at me. I wonder what they are thinking?

DSC_0052Despite the wind, they were busy chomping away.

DSC_0063-002Look at this!



Bottoms Up

Our Bird Boarders

      Here are some photo updates on our neighbors that I shared about not too long ago. They are pleasant and we get along with them quite well. My focus was off but it will provide you a look at Mr. and Mrs. My husband thinks there are six mouths to feed. They are busy throughout their day flying back and forth searching out food for them..

Bottoms Up

Down the Hatch


I’m For the Birds

Our room with a view is not very dramatic. The scenery does not vary much except for a beautiful mountain range that I get to look at. I love when the clouds settle around it or when it is covered with snow. My camera is either capturing flowers, succulents or birds. No eagles or owls but sparrows or humming birds..We will have an 0ccassional blue jay visit but they are often too fast for me to capture. This little hummer was shielding himself from the rain recently and I infringed on his privacy as he did a little grooming. The sparrow paused long enough for me to grab my camera and catch it as it perched on the clay pot..I almost forgot to include visits from neighborhood cats.. Meet Simba!

We found out from this cat’s owner that he chews on electrical cords just like our Siamese.